A Christian Perspective
Cairn Christian School is unique in that its vision and mission is rooted in the Christian faith. Everything we do, from math to language studies, from chapels and assemblies to extra-curricular opportunities is taught and practiced from a Christian perspective and worldview. “Our World Belongs to God” is a document that provides a good first glance at how our Christian faith and the world today are connected in our studies.


Teaching for Transformation

Your child will be joining a school that has been teaching this way for over 60 years.  There is a long tradition of faith integration, and it is one we continue to develop and grow still today.  This is why we are pursuing a framework for teaching and learning called ‘Teaching for Transformation’. Teaching for Transformation is a design framework for the creation of authentic, formational learning experiences rooted in a transformational worldview. These learning experiences invite, nurture, and empower teachers and students to play their part in God’s story through their everyday learning.

Better Citizens
Character Development is important to you, to us, and to the world!  Children who grow in character will be better citizens, effective disciples, and will be able to handle life’s challenges better as a result.  We call this our ‘Connected in Christ - Community Character Traits’.  Intentionally from junior Kindergarten through graduation, our students are coached, mentored, and taught in the development of their character alongside and integrated with their academics.

Restorative Justice
Whenever and wherever there are a group of people, there will be disagreements and conflict.  Some of this is healthy, and some of it is not.  Our students and schools are no different, but how we address conflict and wrongdoing is based on Restorative Justice principles.  Restorative Practices aim not to punish a misbehaviour or wrongdoing but turn students back to what happened, who has been harmed, and what they need to do to make it right.  Focussing on restoring relationships has a longer-term positive impact on students, school culture, and on the relationships we need to maintain for a healthy community!

Unique Gifts
Finally, what school experience is complete without extra-curricular activities to complement student’s academics?  Students at Cairn Christian School have multiple opportunities to develop their unique gifts in ‘out of the classroom’ clubs, teams, and sports.  Ranging from leadership teams, ‘Battle of the Books’, arts clubs and performances, sports teams, intramurals, and more.  We do have a lot of fun with student council-sponsored spirit days, buddy class interactions, class and whole school outings, and friendly competitions.  Supporting our community is also important to us.  Finding ways to reach out to those who need support and generating funds for worthwhile causes is also a way we work together to bring Christ’s love to the world!

If you are interested in learning about and seeking this kind of education for your children,
let’s discuss how that could become a reality.